We Rent Fashion is on a mission to spread the renting philosophy across the globe, by providing a venue where anyone can rent or hire out their clothes. The WRF online platform makes peer-to-peer rentals super easy and safe! Our aim is to save you money and put designer fashions within everyone's reach, while reducing the impact of fashion on the planet.


Got a wardrobe full of quality brand items? You can’t wear them all at once, so why not rent some out and get your investment back for your next prized buy? Unlike struggling to rent your clothes at a second hand goods or auction site, where most visitors are more interested in gadgets, everyone who comes to We Rent Fashion is looking for clothes. And while earning from your closet, you can also rent your next look from one of our other members — at We Rent Fashion it’s easy to do both!

If you find the ticket price of designer gear a bit eye watering, then join the throngs of We Rent Fashion members who look stunning at every occasion just by renting their favourite designer looks.

You simply order for a period of days, with delivery, collection and washing, etc., all taken care of for you. The only thing you need to do is wear the clothes. Maybe over time you’ll decide to acquire one or two dresses of your own to hire out to the community, then you can rent the clothes you want for free!

But that’s not all. We Rent Fashion also brings together buyers and sellers of preloved items. Perhaps there’s a gorgeous dress you’ve always wanted, but it’s no longer made, too expensive, or hard to find. Or it could be that you rent a garment and love it so much you just have to buy it! Whatever it is, We Rent Fashion has you covered!

Fashion And The Environment

We Rent Fashion wants to help us all break our fast fashion addiction because of the damage it does to the planet and our pockets. It’s difficult to resist the temptation to buy more clothes and keep up to date with the latest looks when stores are overflowing with racks of cheap clothes and endless new style variations are gushing out every week

But despite the cheap prices, we end up spending far in excess of what we intended on all the new shiny stuff, sometimes even getting into debt, while also polluting the planet with unnecessary high levels of micro plastic particles, chemical toxicants and manufacturing emissions, not to mention the tonnes of waste from the piles of garments thrown away every minute to make room for new purchases.

Fashion is among the largest industries in the world, making up 2% of global GDP. And shockingly, it's the biggest cause of pollution after oil. The apparel industry is also responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions (textile production alone puts 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year). That's more than all international flights and shipping combined and equivalent to that of the entire EU!

The fashion industry uses 93 billion cubic meters of water a year. That's enough for the needs of five million people (3,000 litres just for one cotton shirt!). And about 20% of wastewater worldwide comes from fabric dyeing and treatment, accumulating toxic chemicals in our oceans (1Kg of textiles uses 0.5Kg of chemicals). Just washing a synthetic garment releases as many as 728,000 microfibers into the water, making up an estimated 35 percent of all microplastics going into the ocean (cheaper fabrics tend to shed more).

The Cost of Throwing it All Away

In excess of 80 billion items of new clothing are bought every year, or around 62 million tonnes (85% of which will end up in the bin). That's a staggering 4 times more than in 2000. Fast fashion encourages us to buy more, while on average, only 20%-30% of clothes in a women’s wardrobe are regularly worn. It’s estimated that in developed countries, on average a garment is only worn seven times before being thrown away, many only once or twice.

Globally, an estimated 92 million tonnes of textiles are thrown away each year (predicted to reach 134 million tonnes by 2030), with the equivalent of a truck full of clothes going to landfill every second! And as most of it is made from plastics it will take many hundreds of years to biodegrade. Less than 1% of used clothing is recycled into new garments.

The data tells us we need to make drastic changes fast. But how? Clearly we’re not all going to start wearing the same clothes every day. Fashion and the desire to dress up and look good in a variety of outfits isn’t going away any time soon.

The solution is beautifully simple — we all buy fewer clothes and share them between us!

Ok, maybe it’s not the entire answer, but a very big part that really can and will have an enormous impact, far beyond what you might imagine. Instead of buying 10 dresses, buy 2 and rent everything else you need. And when you do buy, maybe make half of your purchases preloved items.

Spend less money but get more variety, and not cheap fast fashion buys, but exclusive designer wear. Look like a million dollars at every event you attend while still saving money!

We can’t speak for other sellers on the platform, but the clothes We Rent Fashion stocks and fulfils itself are also washed with environmentally friendly cleaning products and air dried without using tumble dryers that waste electricity and pump micro plastic particles into the air. We've also designed our own reusable clothes delivery bags to further reduce waste.

Come, join us. Dazzle at every function while saving the planet and your purse!

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